Hiring new talent is a crucial component to the success of any organization. It can also be time consuming and extremely difficult. Here are some of the ways Daniel Roberts can help you find the right person while saving you time and frustration.



We help clients identify the profile and skills needed to fill their open position and then recruit qualified candidates both inside and out of our networks through a thorough process of prescreening, in-person interviewing and skills evaluation. Our clients spend time interviewing pre-qualified candidates only, letting them focus on fit, not standard qualifications. Once candidates are identified, we help manage the interview and offer process to save the client’s time and avoid any confusion. The end result is a process where our clients see only quality talent through an efficient process that lets them quickly identify the best new hire.



Whether it is a short-term project or long-term coverage, we are able to provide a quick and easy solution to our clients. With little notice, we can provide a Temporary Employee/Contractor from our pre-screened pool of candidates. We handle all the payroll and employer responsibilities so you don’t have to deal with them.



If you are looking to fill an open position but want to make sure that your hire is the right fit before you make a long term commitment, then Temporary/Contract-to-Hire is the perfect way to go. This give our clients and candidates the opportunity to “test” how good of a fit a candidate is in a position.



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